Zero Tolerance

Winter Services knows its clientele expect the highest level of service possible to ensure the safety of their site, employees and customers. We monitor our sites throughout the season, not just during storms. Whether we are treating thaw/freeze events, black ice conditions or day time snowfall Winter Services is protecting its sites all the time.

Winter Services goes above and beyond via numerous measures.
» Assigning regional supervisors - monitor conditions throughout storm events and works in tandem with    on-site property management.
» Implementing ice melt, pretreatment programs
» Meteorlogical support - to track weather fronts and verify accumulations for accurate billing
» On-call support teams to ensure service can be provided when needed.
» Consistant site staffing employees learn the intricacies of a specific site and take "ownership" of the    property's needs.
» After storm, property reviews to monitor thaw and refreeze conditions.
Zero Tolerance Picture